When worlds collide: ISO 20022 meets JSON

“When worlds collide: ISO 20022 meets JSON” is a talk to be delivered by Paul Ruskin, Director of Business Development at Trace Financial, at the SIBOS Open Theatre, at 3:30pm on 23rd October 2018

With the shift towards API-based interfacing Paul takes a look at how the ISO 20022 standard can be seamlessly encapsulated in JSON to fit any environment, how financial institutions should be reacting to these developments and what benefits they will deliver.

Paul Ruskin is Director of Business Development at Trace Financial which supplies Transformer, the super fast way to build and maintain message validations, enrichments and mapping transformations, no matter how complex the message formats. During his 19 years with Trace he has seen all aspects of the challenges faced by organisations large and small and knows the best practices to build future proof, easily maintainable solutions that make Transformer the most powerful tool on the market.