Transformer Runtime Integration

We understand that no two runtime environments are the same which is why Transformer is designed to fit into any existing architecture quickly and easily.  To emphasise this we will address some frequently asked questions. If your query is not covered here we are happy to answer your specific issue as we realise all runtime environments are different.

How do you call a Transformer Service?

The way you call a Transformer service can either be from an application or directly from code using our powerful API that is not only easy to set up but scalable and highly efficient.

Technology Platforms include

  • Java (including the use of Java Objects)
  • .NET calling methods
  • RESTful Web Services


Middleware Applications include

  • Tibco
  • Mulesoft AnyPoint
  • Camel/Fuse
  • Biztalk
  • Spring Integration
  • Oracle Fusion Middleware

How Scalable is Transformer?

Transformer is designed to be scalable as your environment grows.

One option in the calling code is to employ a streaming methodology that enables Transformer to perform no matter how large the amount of data being passed through the mapping. There are other options available that allow streaming inside the mapping itself.

One example of this is a customer who uses Transformer to map any trade message from any system in their environment to an internal Data Model.  Following the initial implementation, the baseline data volume was quickly exceeded as more systems were introduced to the environment. However, the Transformer mapping itself was not impacted by this increase as the streaming facilities meant that Transformer could handle the increase in traffic. The result was that we were easily handling over 5,000,000 messages per hour and provided enough free capacity for the client’s further growth.

Can a Transformer Service be multi-threaded and is it thread safe?

Transformer Services can easily be set up to be multi-threaded for increased performance and at all stages are thread safe.

What would an example of Transformer at runtime look like?

The following example shows how multiple Transformer Services can be deployed into an environment while being called by multiple different applications or directly from code: