Launch projects fast

No coding or scripting required. Create complex mappings using Transformer’s inbuilt actions, simply by dragging and dropping.

Ready built libraries

Transformer’s comprehensive message and mapping libraries provide an easy-to-understand view of every aspect of financial standards, no matter how complex.

Deploy anywhere

Transformer has a simple API. Rapidly deploy your solution into any integration architecture. e.g. Java, .NET, RESTful, Camel

Test as you build

The Transformer GUI allows you to quickly and easily test each new message or mapping as you create it.

Maintain more easily

Transformer’s model-based approach makes it easy to reuse your mappings and messages, creating clear and easy to understand projects.

We value Transformer as an integral part of our Transformation layer globally and Trace Financial as a trusted partner

Global Tier-One Bank

Transformer’s ability to elegantly handle complex financial messaging scenarios is proof both of its power and of Trace's depth of understanding of the standards


Transformer – Financial Message Transformation