Article 01/08/10

Transformer Online Validation Services

To show how powerful Transformer services are we have provided free cloud based access to examples of these as Webservices for you to validate and transform commonly used message standards.

Once you register your interest with us to use these services you will be granted access to allow you to use this in a way you would in your own environment.

Simply paste or attach your input message against the relevant Transformer Service and after you run the service Transformer will return you an instant result back to your screen.  This result will show you one of two scenarios for your input message

  • The Service Passed – Your input is valid against that message standard
  • The Service Failed – Your input is invalid, you will be instantly returned a detailed error report detaling all the errors your message may have.

This allows you to not only check your message freely and easily but to also allow you to see how easy it is to deploy these solutions as a Webservice to be used anytime/anywhere in your environment.

A list of the available online validation services and details of how to register interest in using them can be found here