Article 04/04/24

Transformer joins IBM LinuxONE Partner Network

Trace Financial is thrilled to be part of the LinuxONE Partner Network to accelerate modernization for IBM Z Customers.

Trace Financial were selected by Quantum Six, as the premier transformation solution that will help banks modernise their payment and card applications on IBM Z (IBM Mainframe platform).

Using our market-leading transformation software Transformer our partnership will accelerate an payment modernisation projects IBM’s customers require including the global migration of payment systems to the ISO 20022 format.

Trace Financial has validated Transformer runs on LinuxONE and is fully supported:

Run on IBM Z, Hybrid or Cloud

  • Transformer can run on Linux on Z
  • Can be deployed on OpenShift on Z
  • Can be deployed on LinuxOne
  • Can be deployed on cloud of choice

Transformer protects data gravity on IBM Z by enabling current payment and card systems that reside on Z to transform modern payment and card schemes and rails in situ without the need for lengthy or expensive upgrades