News 18/01/10

Trace Financial releases Transformer 3.2

Trace Financial announced the release today of version 3.2 of Transformer, the company’s advanced message transformation software application.

A key feature of the release is the introduction of the company’s Message Inspector module to provide field based editing of test data. This greatly improves on the more traditional and error prone text based entry of data.

The module leverages Transformer’s comprehensive support for data formats to provide real-time validation of data at syntax, semantic and authentication levels. Fields are presented in a user-friendly way with automated assistance for field completion with pop-ups and lists drawn from the message definitions themselves. This greatly enhances the user’s ability to create and investigate test scenarios and to deliver projects of the highest quality in the shortest time.

The release also includes major enhancements to the mechanisms used to handle the message formats to ensure intuitive support for the more complex generic standards in use within the financial industry.

Other major enhancements included in the release improve the mapping definition process to assist in mapping action selection along with new mapping actions. Configuration file validation has also been enhanced with dynamic reflection of errors in referenced files.

The Transformer 3.2 release also adds support for the SWISS Interbank Clearing (SIC) format, while maintaining its existing in-depth coverage of SWIFT (MT and MX), CREST, FIX, FpML, and TRAX amongst others.