North America payments are migrating to ISO 20022. You need a solution that handles both legacy formats along with the "new world" and a way to migrate in one tool.

North America’s takeup of ISO 20022 XML messaging has gathered pace strongly over the last year or two. Legacy formats and ways of payment heading towards ISO 20022 include:

United States

  • Fednow
  • BAI2
  • ACH/Wire
  • Clearing House RTP


  • EFT
  • Lynx

The challenge is not just being prepared for the new ISO 20022 flavours of these legacy formats but to also have a tool that enables you to transform these legacy formats to and from ISO 20022. What is more, ISO 20022 is itself a complex standard. One message type can have many variants and versions, and may be ‘extended’ with many more fields, if this is needed by specific usage groups. What’s the best way of delivering projects in this complex and fast-moving standards environment?

Many banks also have legacy systems which can only handle MT messages, so MT-MX conversions are needed internally.

Transformer offers a complete solution which fully solves the complex issues involved in bi-directional mapping between MT and MX formats. 

Ready-built MT-MX Mappings 

Building on Transformer’s powerful capabilities in SWIFT messaging, Transformer for MT-MX comprises the complete set of both ISO15022 and 20022 (MT and MX) message definitions, along with completely realised mappings for numerous MT-MX pairs. These mappings use a range of special mapping functions created by Trace Financial to handle the conversion of the most complex message components.

A complete solution to MT-MX coexistence has to be both customisable, to address the specific needs of each organisation, and maintainable, to allow for future changes in the standards.

Transformer’s MT-MX mappings are easy to customise and maintain. Transformer requires no coding and keeps technical formatting such as tags in the background. This means that the analyst or developer can design and build changes to the mappings directly, with no error-prone hand-off to a separate coding team.  

For MT-MX coexistence Transformer offers a complete and robust solution that is available today.