All of these resources combine to ensure that Transformer the most powerful way to handle advanced standards such as ISO 20022 and enable projects to build solutions that are delivered fast, to a high quality, and which stay maintainable in the longer term.

The need for a strategic solution to ISO 20022

The takeup of ISO 20022 XML messaging has gathered pace strongly over the last year or two. Many large firms have a policy to use ISO 20022 internally for all new projects, and centralised services around the world – such as payments infrastructures – are rapidly transitioning to the standard. However numerous well-entrenched legacy messaging standards – such as, of course, the familiar SWIFT ‘MT’ formats – will continue in use for quite some time.

What is more, ISO 20022 is itself a complex standard. One message type can have many variants and versions, and may be ‘extended’ with many more fields, if this is needed by specific usage groups. What’s the best way of delivering projects in this complex and fast-moving standards environment?

We strongly believe that Transformer is the best strategic solution.