Financial message standards

Financial message standards are hugely more complex than even a few years ago, and still evolving rapidly. Trace Financial has world-class expertise in working with all of the major standards used today and this is reflected in the functionality in Transformer including support for:

  • SWIFT MT (ISO 7775, ISO 15022) all messages & rules
  • SWIFT GPI – message and mappings for both MT and ISO 20022 (trck)
  • ISO 20022, SWIFT MX including cross-field validation
  • CBPR+, Target 2, Euro 1, CHATS, MEPS+, Lynx, P27 and extensible to any planned ISO 20022 migration programme
  • JSON Schemas and Swagger API specs, POJO
  • ISO 8583 including Faster Payments
  • CREST/SECOM/MT 54X variants… securities depository
  • Payments – NACHA/Fedwire/ACH/CHIPS/SIC/NEFT/BAI2/ISO 8583/BACS/Canada EFT etc
  • FpML & FIX (Multiple Versions) for orders, trading
  • Trade Reporting EMIR/ESMA, Dodd-Frank e.g. DTCC; CME; UnaVista; Regis-TR
  • Corporate Actions – MT 56X, ISO 20022, Telekurs etc.
  • Pre-defined MT-MX mapping libraries
  • XML – Automated schema import
  • POJO/JSON – Automated import
  • COBOL Copybook
  • MS Excel – Including extensive format features
  • Fixed Width
  • Separated (e.g. CSV or any type of delimited format)
  • Tagged Separated – Ability to ‘learn’ from sample messages
  • Extensible to any format…