Trace Financial is working successfully with Euroclear UK & Ireland, providing robust integration solutions for many different kinds of CREST user. 

CREST Integration

Ever since Euroclear UK & Ireland’s CREST was inaugurated in 1996, Trace Financial has been helping financial institutions of many kinds to integrate successfully with the service.

We have worked closely with brokers, asset managers, custodians, clearers, settlement banks and securities financing firms to reliably settle a wide range of transactions at CREST.

The CREST Bridge is our flagship CREST integration solution. We have recently added full support for funds distributors and transfer agents wishing to use CREST’s funds settlement service, and upgraded the solution’s technology framework to offer a fully browser-based GUI and a wide choice of database and server options. 

Find out more about the CREST Bridge’s powerful features and functions here

ISO-DEX conversion

Trace Financial has also developed many bespoke solutions to meet specific CREST requirements. We have for example created a full ‘ISO-DEX conversion’ solution, in which SWIFT MT messages are translated into and from CREST DEX formats. The solution also handles many issues, including differences in the required sequence of messages, and much else.

In short, Trace Financial has the products and the experience to provide CREST solutions to suit all needs. To discuss a specific CREST messaging or CREST integration requirement please contact us