The Transformer GUI provides powerful data modelling capabilities which allows the user to define and edit either their own bespoke formats or model existing proprietary formats.

When creating any message format you want to have the same tools to model this as efficiently as any pre-built library and the Transformer GUI allows the user to achieve this.

Reusable fields/structures

There is often a need to re-use the same fields and field structures from within a message format or validation ruleset.  For example the header of a message is made up of a common structure that would be present in all messages from within the same format. Transformer’s object-based definitions allow common elements to be wrapped into re-usable structures and rules – the structure can be defined once, tested comprehensively and then re-used again and again. Over time, more and more reusable ‘building blocks’ are typically created, allowing messages and formats to be built quicker and maintained with more ease.

Message Format Maintenance

Even bespoke or proprietary formats are subject to change and Transformer allows the user to maintain any format with ease.  For example when an individual field changes in a format you need to easily see not only what messages would be affected but also what mappings those messages are involved with. 

Transformer has a powerful ‘where-used’ reference facility from within the GUI to ensure the user is able to quickly determine where all references to a particular field, structure or rule are in any message standard.  Therefore changes to any format result in drastically shortened development time while ensuring existing mappings are not affected in your current environment.

No Coding Required

Creating and maintaining your own formats from within the Transformer GUI requires no coding.  Building messages cannot be simpler as you drag-and-drop your pre-defined fields into your message structure and create the validation rules you require (either at field or message level) from within the GUI.  Create your own tests within the GUI making sure that you can be confident that any format you create will be validated and tested before it is used by any of your mapping projects.