SWIFT Tester

The SWIFT Tester (powered by Transformer) enables you to run a test environment from within your own network to simulate ACK/NAK and error code responses from any Swift MT (ISO 7775 and ISO 15022) or MX (ISO 20022) message. 

It is a scalable solution that can be run via a GUI on an individual desktop or be deployed as a SaaS used by multiple users into any environment. The SWIFT Tester can easily be updated to incorporate and test any Swift message upgrade.

Run test plans and receive feedback instantly as part of a Development or QA cycle and see how your projects benefit from shortened testing timelines, improved quality, and increased confidence in your results.

Features include:

  • Full Validation Coverage – From validation of the message structure to cross-field Network Validation Rules the Transformer SWIFT Tester comprehensively covers every validation test that can cause problems when sending SWIFT messages.
  • ACK/NAK Generation – After sending a message to the Tester you will receive back a SWIFT ACK/NAK. This allows you to see the result of a test and gives you the ability to route to a system/database so you can also test the business process flow.
  • Error Handling – The NAK error you instantly receive mimics what SWIFT would return allowing you to replicate error handling process flows. The Transformer Tester can also configurably supply extra information on any error or warning.
  • SWIFT Standards Releases – Organisations are today achieving huge benefits in the handling of the annual standards upgrade with the Transformer SWIFT Tester. You are supplied with new versions of the SWIFT MT library in plenty of time to test each annual SWIFT upgrade putting you in control of this critical annual event.
  • Work with Variants/MyStandards/Bespoke Rules – Whether it’s validation against the SWIFT User Handbook or testing bespoke SWIFT messages or MyStandards variants the Tester can validate what you wish.
  • No Bottlenecks and Instant Feedback – Users can run any user defined test plan to check the message validity and receive feedback on the status and any errors instantly.
  • Fully scalable solution allows desktop or runtime deployable into any architecture – Your choice; test on the desktop as you work on your project or deploy into automated testing infrastructures via SOA, RESTful WebService, ESB, Java, .NET etc.

Full Validation Coverage

Our highly-regarded Transformer SWIFT library encapsulates every aspect of SWIFT Standards.  Every message type is covered, from ISO 7775 and ISO 15022 (MT) through to ISO 20022 (MX). MT-MX conversion mappings are also available as pre-built libraries ready to be implemented into any environment.  

Out of the box Transformer validates any type of SWIFT message at all levels ranging from a high-level message validation to drilling down into individual field and cross-field validations.

Message Level Validation – Message structure and sequence along with Mandatory/Optional field checks

Field Level Validation – Valid Option choices for fields, Tag, Format Specification checks

Network (cross field) Validation Rules – Network Validation Rules are included in the library which handle all cross-field validations on any message

This ensures that any SWIFT message that is passed through the tool will be subjected to the same checks as the SWIFT Network. If it passes on your workstation then you know it will also be accepted on the SWIFT Network.

ACK/NAK Generation

Once a SWIFT message is passed to the Transformer SWIFT Tester a SWIFT ACK/NAK message will be returned showing whether the message is valid or invalid.  

This can also be used by your system to complete the lifecycle of any message (insert into a Database, route to a file directory etc..) that you wish to simulate when receiving this message from the SWIFT Network.

Error Handling

Whenever a message fails any part of validation in the tool then the error message returned to the user will be the same Error Code and Message that the SWIFT Network would return – just as if you had configured your test environment to connect to the SWIFT Network.

The solution is user-configurable to supply any extra information on any error/warning allowing you to specify the format and content of any response you wish to replicate.

SWIFT Standards Releases

The Tester can use any version of the SWIFT message standards you wish to have. It can also be configurable to run parallel testing between the current and future version to make sure your mappings are in line with the yearly SWIFT update.

Work with Variants/MyStandards/Bespoke Rules

The Tester will have all of the validation rules set up ready to use. If however, you wish to change any aspect of the validation to test bespoke messages or rules or to replicate any SWIFT MyStandards versions then the Tester will allow you to configure your library to match the way you handle these SWIFT messages and variations.

No Bottlenecks and Instant Feedback

All runtime deployments are highly performant and offer options for multi-threading and other scalability features so you can cope with the highest throughput you need. You can therefore be assured the same QA is applied to all environment stages.

Multiple tests can be run at once (with instant replies) and even automatically scheduled meaning the time to complete any test/fix cycle is drastically shortened.

Deployment into any architecture

This solution can be run via a GUI on the desktop or deployed into any integration: Enterprise Service Bus (ESB), Web Service (SOA), Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) or development technologies such as .NET or Java.

This means that the SWIFT Tester can be deployed anywhere on your network for your users to access and test their messages from their work station or be part of your automated testing infrastructures or production environments

See the Swift Tester in Action

For a demonstration of the SWIFT Tester either online or in your office please contact us