29 November 2017

Open Banking to cover cards, wallets and other account types

21 November 2017

The European Payment Council's SCT-Inst scheme is now operational

15 November 2017

The Clearing House (TCH) has launched its real-time payments system, RTP

21 July 2017

The USA’s Faster Payments Task Force issues its final report

6 July 2017

Accounts & Transaction Info and Payments Initiation specs made available on the Open Banking website

5 July 2017

Nordea selects group to pilot account information service

30 June 2017

It could be the end of the screen-scraping era for fintechs trying to access clients' bank account data

NSD Russia
3 October 2016

Transformer is helping Russia’s National Settlement Depository to succeed with ISO20022 corporate action messages

Currencies Direct with Transformer
7 September 2015

Currencies Direct, the global money transfer specialists, are using Transformer to enhance the processing of payment messages

3 March 2015

Transformer 3.5 offers even more features to ease the testing of complex message transformations, and adds support for JSON and COBOL copybooks