Trace Financial’s Transformer offers extensive JSON and API support

3 October 2017

Trace Financial will use this year’s SIBOS event in Toronto to showcase the latest release of Transformer, which includes a host of new features and enhancements to accelerate the creation and deployment of JSON and API-based projects.

Transformer users can now easily import and export JSON Schemas, and use them as Transformer message definitions. Transformer users can also work with OpenAPI (Swagger) specifications.

The use of JSON is still evolving, so at present the format is used in diverse ways by different project teams. Transformer offers a correspondingly wide variety of ways of managing JSON messages. These include importing schemas, importing example messages, authoring structures through Transformer’s own design tool, automatically supporting JSON representations of other messaging standards, layering XSD-style validation constructs over JSON message definitions, and allowing a mapping designer to manipulate and interrogate JSON structures that are only loosely defined.

Transformer allows the user to create outputs in JSON format from any starting point. For example, Transformer’s ISO 20022 library allows the user to create ISO 20022 compliant messages in either XML or JSON. This capability – also known as JSON interoperability - is available for every message standard supported by Transformer, and thus allows global usage of the JSON format.

Transformer is already well-known for the high quality and wide coverage of its ready-built set of message definition and mapping libraries, including SWIFT MT, ISO 20022 / MX, MT-MX mappings, ISO 8583/Faster Payments, FpML, FIX, and many more.

Keith Donovan, Managing Director of Trace Financial, said: “Because the new features in Transformer are fully integrated with the core Transformer functionality, our users are able to leverage all of Transformer’s power whether they are working on a traditional messaging project or in the newer world of open APIs”.

About Trace Financial

Trace Financial Limited are leading specialists in financial message transformation and have been designing, implementing and supporting mission critical solutions to the financial industry for over 30 years. Trace Financial is part of the privately-owned Trace Group.