Article 06/04/21

Mass payments as “Real Time”


Real-time payments (RTP) or instant payments are the de-facto standard for global payment processing globally.  Payment solutions require a 24/7/365 uptime as peoples spending patterns move away from “traditional business hours” to a global “always open” approach.

Examples of these instant payment services include

  • TIPS – Europe TARGET Instant Payments Settlement
  • NPP – Australia New Payments Platform
  • IBPS – China Internet Banking Payment Service
  • SEPA – Single Euro Payments Area

Mass Payments allows you to send multiple transactions in one batch and is popular in both international (cross-border) and domestic payments.  The benefit of these types of payment are:

  • Monetary – Sending multiple payments in a batch is more cost-effective.
  • Operational – Faster to bulk multiple payments in one file as opposed to multiple single messages.

These payments are usually in the form of single transactions being processed, however, the need to process mass payments (single file but containing multiple payment messages) raises new challenges.

The Challenge

Processing large batch files can create a performance strain on systems.

These factors include:

  • Technology – Memory usage and processing times can put an unnecessary extra burden on systems.
  • Exception handling – How to handle/report exceptions at a message level within the batch.

Broadly speaking the ability to process any size of file in any format (or multiple formats) can be a challenge but there is an answer.

The solution – Streaming any size file instantly

Transformer’s Streaming capabilities allow the processing of any size of file in any format.

Streaming makes it possible to process inputs and outputs of any size while keeping the memory footprint stable and performance unchanged.

These batch files can contain multiple different message types within the file (Swift, ISO 20022, proprietary etc..) which can then be processed to multiple output types.

Our streaming functionality is configured within our market-leading GUI where users can activate this feature without the need for coding or scripting but simply through drag and drop.

Exception Reporting within the batch is fully configurable within the GUI allowing the user to define the mapping and exception logic (which can be invoked at field, cross-field, message or batch level) to fit any business requirement.

Transformer is a proven solution used by our global customer base in mission-critical processes and has proved to drastically reduce the time required to process payments when compared to other methods.

This solution not only protects your current system from this performance impact and future proofs your systems to handle any requirement with any format and any size of file and any type of format.

See Transformer in action

Transformer is simply the faster, better way to build complex message transformations.

We believe seeing is believing and so please contact us for a demonstration and to learn more about our free evaluation of the tool.