Article 05/04/16

JBoss Fuse and Apache Camel integration with Transformer

Apache Camel is an Open Source integration framework. It allows you to define routing and mediation rules in a variety of languages and between many different types of endpoint.  In a Camel-based application, you create (Camel wrappers around) some Endpoints and connect these endpoints with routes uwing Enterprise Integration Patterns (EIPs).  

Many organisations use this technology to build, manage and connect applications and services in a simple and (equally importantly) easy to maintain way.  The ability to scale these solutions for when new flows are encountered is another reason why it is a popular choice as an integration platform and why Transformer has developed functionality for the user to integrate into this environment quickly and easily.

Transformer supports a wide range of mapping cardinalities (e.g. one-to-one, many-to-many, zero-to-one etc.) in Camel, allowing for straightforward translations, splits or aggregations.  Transformer also supports the reading and writing of Camel metadata (Message Headers and Exchange Properties).

Transformer’s custom Camel component allows for easy integration with a route in a similar fashion to a standard component. OSGi support is offered out of the box, allowing you to deploy your solution to the container of your choice, for example Red Hat JBoss Fuse, or independently of OSGi.

To learn more on Red Hat and Fuse then please visit the product overview and for more information around Transformer please contact us