Euroclear UK Ireland's CREST service now includes funds settlement. The funds trades are input directly into CREST or auto-generated from confirmed EMX orders. In either case, to efficiently monitor these funds transactions right through to settlement requires integration with CREST.

Trace Financial’s CREST Bridge

Trace Financial’s CREST Bridge solution supports all of the functions required by funds distributors (who act as CREST Members) and transfer agents (who act as CREST Registrars and also usually sponsor Members on behalf of their clients, the funds providers).

The CREST Bridge makes it easy for both transfer agents and distribution platforms to achieve this integration. It is already in live use by a leading provider of 3rd party transfer agency services and has recently been licensed by a leading supplier of distribution platforms.

These clients appreciate Trace Financial’s unique understanding of the fine details of Funds Settlement in CREST, the functional depth and reliability of the CREST Bridge and the ease of integration with back office systems. 

Further details of CREST Bridge functionality can be found here