News 02/03/14

Dynamic Testing enhanced in Transformer 3.5

Trace Financial has announced the release of version 3.5 of Transformer, with a host of new features and enhancements to further accelerate the creation and deployment of complex financial message validations, mappings and transformations. 

Message testing is a problem area for many firms, as message standards become ever more complex, and Transformer’s testing capabilities have been a key focus for this release.

In Transformer, test data is built up, and tests are executed, using the same DesignTime GUI in which the mappings and transformations are themselves constructed, while that construction is still in progress. This integrated, dynamic “test-as-you-go” approach helps ensure both a high quality build and far faster delivery of the overall solution.

Release 3.5 offers an intuitive, multi-pane GUI function with which users can quickly create, edit and view complex test data. Users can now also quickly retest any sub-mapping (typically covering a reusable message component, such as a set of Party Information) by taking a snapshot of the test parameters and data relating to that sub-mapping alone, and using this snapshot to exercise just that component. If the sub-mapping is reused in many other messages this can be a powerful time-saver.  Another useful new feature in the testing arena is the ability to vary ‘fixed’ values according to the environment, as it is very common for test and live environments to require different contextual data.

Transformer has long been known for its high-quality standards libraries, covering SWIFT Standards, FpML, CREST DEX, TRAX and others. Release 3.5 adds full support for message definitions built with JSON (JavaScript Object Notation), and COBOL CopyBooks.

Keith Donovan, Technical Director of Trace Financial, said: “The enhanced testing features of Transformer 3.5 were developed in close collaboration with our clients. The ability to efficiently test complex message definitions and transformations enables them to rapidly deliver high quality solutions to the business”.