Settlement instructions become the only required input. CRESTBridge automates the remaining communication requirements for the CREST system through scheduling and automated workflows.


CRESTBridge supports the complete scope of CREST system functionality. Access all CREST system functions that Euroclear make available in the machine-to-machine interface.


CRESTBridge scales with your growth in volume and function. From multiple interfaces to multiple cores CRESTBridge easily expands volume capacity. Flexible licencing allows functional modules to be available as required.


Tailor the CREST system interface to your system requirements. Control the scope and timing
of data returned to your system. Insulate your system from unnecessary change. Follow your own timetable for system change.


Use ISO 20022 or ISO 15022 messaging. CRESTBridge interfaces with your system using your choice of messaging. The incorporation of Trace Financial’s Transformer into the CRESTBridge interface allows modelling of any messaging protocol. Standard ISO 20022 and ISO 15022 are incorporated in the CRESTBridge interface.

Trace personnel worked extremely closely with the M&G project team to ensure a trouble-free implementation. It has been an excellent collaborative effort

Alan Burgess, Director of Investment Administration at M&G

The in-built testing capabilities of Transformer have allowed us to validate the integrity of new message formats … much more quickly, and with greater confidence

Capital Markets Service Provider and Reporting Authority

Transformer … has enabled our business analysts and Quality Assurance team to create and comprehensively test financial message transformations

Capital Markets Service Provider and Reporting Authority

Transformer has brought a great deal of agility to the development of our next generation of payment frameworks

Currencies Direct

Transformer is an integral tool within our infrastructure, helping to accelerate our speed to market

Earthport/Visa Direct

Mappings that used to take 5 days now take 5 hours

Global Tier-One Bank

We value Transformer as an integral part of our Transformation layer globally and Trace Financial as a trusted partner

Global Tier-One Bank

We selected Trace because of their impressive knowledge of the intricacies of CREST messaging and their proven track record in providing resilient interfacing solutions

Hargreaves Lansdown