Breakfast Briefing – Decoupling Payments and Core Banking

The adoption of ISO20022 as the de-factor payment format, is changing payments infrastructure.

Aspire and Finastra would like to invite you and your fellow stakeholders to discuss the strategies to de-risk core modernisation by decoupling payments from core banking systems. There is continuing uncertainty about the impact of ISO 20022 on downstream systems and how to embrace the new schemes, going beyond compliance. Existing payment systems that are tightly coupled with the core banking processes are not equipped to cope-up with the rapidly evolving payment ecosystem and are at risk of revenue erosion from new entrants.

  • How will this impact participants with a legacy core infrastructure that is not MX native?
  • How will this world of real-time payments impact payment initiations, fraud capabilities and other downstream systems?
  • With industry struggles around IT capacity and capability, should you be proactively designing payments modernisation outside the core?
  • What is the potential impact of PSD3?

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