• "As well as vastly improving the process for the Corporate Actions team, the front-office are benefiting from more timely and accurate information and a further breadth of coverage" Leading investment manager
  • "A key initial selection criterion was the overall flexibility to tailor the product to our own needs, thereby reducing risk across Corporate Action processing" Jason Gish, FMA Manager - M&G Equities
  • "Trace personnel worked extremely closely with the M&G project team to ensure a trouble-free implementation. It has been an excellent collaborative effort" Alan Burgess, Director of Investment Administration at M&G
  • "Trace was able to fulfil all our requirements, particularly in the Front Office monitoring and decision making areas" Leading Investment Management firm
CAMS the complete solution


Trace Financial's Corporate Actions Management System (CAMS) integrates SWIFT messaging, manual tasks and automation within a comprehensive workflow to deliver optimal corporate actions processing.

CAMS achieves the goal of all good corporate action management: getting correct data to the right place in good time and ensuring that it is acted upon - every time. CAMS delivers everything needed to reach that goal, in a unique combination of workflow, interfacing, and task automation.

Feature highlights:

  • qualified with many data vendors and pre-cleansed data providers
  • SWIFT ISO15022 compliant and ISO 20022 ready
  • support for proprietary formats and faxes 
  • powerful 'Compare' function across multiple notifications
  • business-friendly intuitive decision capture screens (optionally web based)
  • automatic monitoring, reporting and escalation of pending decisions
  • auto-instruction to the account servicer via SWIFT, proprietary formats or fax
  • automatic alerts and escalation paths
  • work action tracking with comprehensive audit log and MIS suite
  • reconciliation of entitlements and outcomes with in-house data
  • intuitive Dashboard helps managers see approaching peaks across all work streams


Mastering event data

CAMS easily manages the diversity and complexity of event notifications - including SWIFT MT, MX (ISO 20022 XML), and many proprietary data vendor and custodian formats - because it embeds Transformer, Trace Financial’s advanced message transformation solution.  

By intelligently comparing notifications from different sources, while enhancing the event record as further data is received, CAMS quickly develops the ‘golden record’ with relatively little human intervention.

CAMS is qualified with many data vendors and pre-cleansed data providers.

Balanced automation

At the heart of CAMS, completely automated processes efficiently load and update positions, calculate entitlements, reconcile with custodians, and perform many other tasks, allowing staff to focus on exceptional cases.

CAMS is supplied with ready-built workflow patterns to cover every kind of event and can include manual steps wherever these are required. The CAMS WorkDesk presents each user with just those tasks that require their attention at any time.

The flexibility of the workflow approach allows the balance of automation and manual actions to be fine-tuned to meet the organisation’s needs.

Timely decisions

The CAMS WorkDesk presents decision-makers with high quality event and position data in plenty of time to meet custodian deadlines. Off-site and other remote decision-makers are supported via the browser-based Web Decision screen or an email-based decision flow process. Full, partial and split decisions are all supported.

Both internal and external Standing Instructions are taken into account by CAMS, so that instructions are only created if the case requires, whether as electronic messages in a wide range of formats or as emailed/faxed documents.  


Oversight and automated monitoring

The CAMS Dashboard provides the vital central oversight of all ongoing activities, highlighting critical information - imminent deadline dates, manual work backlogs, exceptions, overdue followups and more. The Dashboard also helps managers to monitor, balance and optimise staff workloads.

Complementing the Dashboard, a range of automatic monitoring functions raise alerts and escalate urgent situations for senior management attention.


Mastering corporate actions

CAMS’ ability to combine core process automation with human interaction and oversight, and its powerful capabilities for messaging and event data management, help the corporate actions department to operate more efficiently while reducing risks and cost.

CAMS delivers all the benefits of lower risk, better control, more quality and lower cost operations by integrating internal systems and external information providers. This powerful integration is combined with rich business functionality resulting in a complete solution.

The advantages of straight through processing are complemented by the ability for manual control where appropriate. 

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