• "Independent tests scored Transformer at 100% for message transformation" SWIFT
  • "The in-built testing capabilities of Transformer allowed us to validate the integrity of new message formats … much more quickly" Capital Markets Service Provider and Reporting Authority
  • "Transformer … has enabled our business analysts and QA team to create and comprehensively test financial message transformations " Capital Markets Service Provider and Reporting Authority
  • "Transformer is the only messaging technology that we have found that really can be used by a business analyst" Major European Investment Manager
  • "Transformer has brought a great deal of agility to the development of our next generation of payment frameworks" Vivek Awashti, Chief Technology Officer, Currencies Direct
  • "Using Transformer has simplified the process of working with multiple industry messaging standards" Integration Architect, U.K Investment Manager
  • "I am indeed impressed and have not experienced this level of support from a corporate vendor to date. Excellent choice!" Major South African FI
  • "I am able to use the product straight away and create and test complex messages and mappings quickly and easily" Regulatory Reporting Authority
  • "With such a powerful tool in place we’re now thinking of extending our message conversion services to other business areas" Sergei Putyatinsky, CIO, NSD Moscow
  • "We think Transformer is a fantastic product and it is an integral part of our Enterprise Messaging strategy going forward" Major American FI
  • "We are very happy to be working with Trace Financial" Vivek Awashti, Chief Technology Officer, Currencies Direct
  • "With Transformer handling the complexity behind the integrations, our teams can concentrate on our payment product" Vivek Awashti, Chief Technology Officer, Currencies Direct
  • "Transformer’s ability to elegantly handle complex financial messaging scenarios is proof ... of its power " SWIFT
  • "Transformer gives us more flexibility to support the diversity of our rapidly-growing client base, and to ease the integration process" Head of Product Management, Earthport
  • "Transformer is an integral tool within our technology infrastructure, helping to further accelerate the speed to market " Head of Product Management, Earthport
  • "We implemented a SWIFT message in half a day; the programmer said it would normally take him five days " Tier One Global FI
  • "We were able to create, test and deploy mappings that took three months in XSLT within three business days" Latin American software company
  • "Transformer has … allowed us to use analysts rather than developers to build our mappings, improving our time-to-market" Integration Architect, U.K Investment Manager
Learn about SWIFT and Transformer

Want the best tool for working with SWIFT messages?

Transformer is the comprehensive solution for all projects involving MT and MX standards.

Euroclear London

Robust, reliable CREST integration just got a lot easier

Here is the hassle-free way to integrate reliably with Euroclear UK & Ireland's CREST - and it's ideal for CREST funds settlement.

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Fast-track your MT-MX project

Get a flying start with our ready-built MT-MX mappings: fast to implement, simple to customise and easy to maintain.


Handle payments messaging with ease

Transformer is helping Earthport, Currencies Direct and other leading providers to super-charge their payments messaging capabilities.

ISO 20022 - the strategic response

ISO 20022 is being adopted for more major projects all the time. Transformer is the strategic solution you need to master this complex standard.

Market Infrastructures

Move ahead with Market Infrastructures

Keep pace as payments and securities infrastructures are renewed over the coming years

OTC Derivatives reporting in FpML

Transformer for OTC Derivatives reporting in FpML

See how Transformer and our FpML library fast tracks projects that require OTC Derivative Reporting to any Trade Repository


The right decision on corporate actions

Thanks to its integration of message handling, process automation and workflow, CAMS is helping asset managers make better, faster decisions.

About us

Based close to the City of London, Trace Financial is a leading provider of advanced messaging solutions.

Major financial institutions and service providers use our technologies to create and process today's complex and highly-structured financial messages.

Our many successful messaging projects have ranged from price and order management, through post-trade and regulatory reports, to payments, securities settlements and asset servicing.

Long-term clients include banks, brokers, asset managers and custodians, as well as service providers and application vendors.

What our clients say

‘Transformer has brought a great deal of agility to the development of our next generation of payment frameworks’
Currencies Direct
‘Transformer is an integral tool within our infrastructure, helping to accelerate our speed to market’
‘We selected Trace because of their impressive knowledge of the intricacies of CREST messaging and their proven track record in providing resilient interfacing solutions’
Hargreaves Lansdown
'Mappings that used to take 5 days now take 5 hours’
Global Bank

Trace Financial enhance Transformer with support for JSON and APIs

Transformer 3.6.7 has an impressive range of features for messaging in the world of APIs

19 February 2018

UK’s Open Banking expands scope

Open Banking to cover cards, wallets and other account types

29 November 2017

SEPA instant payments goes live

The European Payment Council's SCT-Inst scheme is now operational

21 November 2017

SIBOS 2018 Sydney

Trace Financial will showcase Transformer's ability to work faster with complex financial messages at SIBOS Sydney

22 October 2018 to 25 October 2018

FinTech Connect Live

One of the biggest financial innovation events, hosted once again at ExCel London.

6 December 2017 to 7 December 2017