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Transformer enables the whole enterprise - large or small - to reap the full benefits of a strategic approach to message standards management. Transformer has the clarity and power to master the diversity of complex message standards found in financial institutions today. 

Transformer speeds the design and deployment of most message transformation projects up to tenfold, as it increases productivity in all of the core task areas:


For the enterprise, Transformer has a wealth of features to help the analyst rapidly create the highest quality message transformations:

Consistent, intuitive presentation

The presentation of message structure in Transformer is business-oriented and completely consistent across all messaging standards, helping to maximise productivity and minimise the risk of error. Transformer provides an intuitive view of the message structure, and clearly shows which elements are mandatory or optional, single or repeating, and much more:

Message Definition   

Mapping productivity tools

The analyst using Transformer can specify mappings very easily, copying a field from the source to the target message with a simple drag and drop action. Going beyond the simplest 'copy' mapping, Transformer provides a wealth of predefined mapping actions that can be quickly selected to carry out a huge range of transformations of message data. These actions can include conditions, which can in turn be combined into complex logic - with no need for programmatic code:



Traditional testing is time-consuming: specifying a mapping, deploying it as an executable, running it in a test environment, and reporting the errors back for re-specification. With Transformer the process is much simpler: the testing is carried out directly by the mapping analyst.

With Test-As-You-Build the analyst simply loads test data into the mapping definition while it is still being constructed. The results of each mapping action on the test data are displayed immediately. This capability moves the testing process as far upstream as possible, ensuring high quality from the very start:


Regression testing

Once the mapping is complete, Transformer protects the investment made by saving both the input test data and the resulting output with the mapping itself. The test can thus be quickly  repeated later in regression mode, and any differences are highlighted:


 This greatly speeds up the task of checking the continued correctness of, for example, the large number of message mappings in a group which share some components, following minor updates to just one or two elements.  


Transformer has a built-in library of several hundred mapping, parsing and conversion functions, which together cater for the vast majority of mapping tasks. However, if an unusual mapping requirement is discovered, Transformer’s architecture allows additional functionality to be plugged in by expert users without requiring a change to the core product. The new function can be written in Java and would appear as part of the product itself alongside existing functions.

Transformer's power stems from a small number of core principles, which are the result of many years of active project experience:  

Business is the focus

Transformer frees the analyst to focus on the business meaning of fields.  Design features like ‘strong data typing’ (see below) allow Transformer to automatically take care of the technical complexities of formats, so the analyst doesn’t waste time on them.

Transformer’s powerful graphical workbench helps analysts to visualise the overall message structure clearly and intuitively, presenting fields and larger message components as meaningful business items, with technical aspects like ‘tags’ being hidden away unless required.

These features greatly simplify tasks such as mapping between two formats, precisely because the analyst doesn’t need to worry about the formats at all. The output from this activity is a mapping definition that others find easy to understand.

The result? Clearly articulated, business-focussed message definitions and mappings are created quickly and accurately, and longer-term maintainability is ensured.

Strong data typing

Transformer clearly distinguishes the business meaning of the data from the technical syntax that often obscures it, by enforcing strong data typing throughout. This means that in Transformer, a date is understood to be a date whatever syntactical format a particular standard requires. This means that when the analyst wants to map between two dates, Transformer will take care of rearranging the date’s internal syntax (e.g. from 31/03/12 to 03312012). The same concepts apply to times, integers, decimal values and all other data types. This frees the analyst to focus on the semantics - the meaning of the data for the business.

Strong data typing also means that Transformer can prevent the user from accidentally copying 'across types', for example, a date to a time or an amount to a rate, thus eliminating a source of errors. 

Quality promotes productivity

Transformer projects deliver high quality results up to ten times faster than other methods, proving that quality and productivity are not enemies but partners. And the best way to get high productivity in messaging projects is to build quality in from the start.

Trace Financial's experts have condensed their deep understanding of message structures into Transformer’s rich, highly optimised message definition libraries. These encapsulate every aspect of public standards such as ISO 15022, CREST and FpML, and Trace Financial updates these libraries as the standard evolves.

Libraries of such high quality give message transformation projects the best possible start. When combined with Transformer’s powerful change management features, they also greatly reduce the biggest overhead faced by many tier one institutions - simply keeping up with the diversity of complex, evolving standards.

Transformer has other features to help build quality throughout, such as its “test as you build” facility - instant mini-tests that can be run after adding each new field or other element.

Maintainability is key to cost savings

Transformer promotes re-use of all project elements at all levels, which makes each set of message definitions and mappings very easy to maintain - and powerful search facilities such as the 'Where Used' tool makes locating the full impact of any proposed change a very simple task.

Once the change has been made Transformer's regression testing facilities pinpoint all the differences between existing and new versions, giving full confidence that all changes have been accurately made.

Transformer never drops into programmatic code, so projects remain clearly articulated and easy for all stakeholders to understand - and to maintain later. Removing the ‘handover’ between analyst and developer in itself eliminates a major source of misunderstanding and delay.

These principles - business focus, building quality from the start, and the importance of maintainability - are all essential for the success of a strategic enterprise-wide approach to message standards and data transformation.

Enterprise Transformer includes the following components:

Transformer Design Time

Business analysts and developers use the Transformer Design Time Workbench to build, test and enhance message definitions, mappings and other rules. Design Time workbench can be installed on Windows. 

Transformer Run Time

Run Time licenses the use of the deployable elements created in Design Time. Please see the 'Deployment' tab on this page for more details.

Standards Libraries & Mapping Libraries

A set of prebuilt, highly optimised message definition and mapping libraries, covering a wide range of financial standards, including SWIFT ISO 7775, 15022 and 20022, CREST, TRAX, FpML, Omgeo and more. For an enterprise-wide environment the necessary libraries will be determined by the needs of the organisation.

Transformer can be deployed in literally any integration architecture: Enterprise Service Bus (ESB), Web Service (SOA), Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) or development technologies such as .NET or Java.

Transformer projects directly generate deployable components for use in any Java environment. Each deployment is independent and thread-safe allowing for complete scalability within the overall architecture: there is no run-time engine to act as a bottle-neck within the processing flows.

Transformer has been qualified on platforms ranging from Windows servers to Linux and Unix, and is also available on the .NET platform. A Transformer add-on library facilitates the product's use with Apache Camel, the open-source integration framework, providing special mapping actions to simplify interactions with Camel message Headers and Exchanges. A Camel/OSGi specific service builder simplifies deployment to a few clicks.

Trace Financial's Bridge integration solutions rely on Transformer to perform message validations and mappings, complementing their powerful business logic, routing and connectivity features. Transformer has also been deployed successfully within Websphere, Tibco BusinessWorks, Sonic ESB and similar infrastructures.

The following brochures, case studies and white papers are available to download. For press releases about Transformer and other Trace Financial products, please visit our Press page.

Product Info

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Case Studies

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White Papers

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