• Without Transformer, financial messages can be very hard to handle

    Whenever you need to transform one message standard to another, the fastest, easiest and most robust method is always Transformer.

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So good at SWIFT messages, even SWIFT use us

All SWIFT’s message standards and rules are already built into Transformer. You’ll never need the SWIFT handbook again!

Euroclear's London headquarters

Robust, reliable CREST integration just got a lot easier

Now leading in CREST funds settlement, we provide the hassle-free way to integrate reliably with Euroclear UK & Ireland's CREST.

Fewer headaches from new regulations

When regulators need data, you need messaging agility.

Financial message standards, to go

MT, MX, FpML, FIX and more, all neatly packed and ready for use.

About us

Based close to the City of London, Trace Financial is a leading provider of advanced messaging solutions.

Major financial institutions and service providers use our technologies to create and process today's complex and highly-structured financial messages.

Our many successful messaging projects have ranged from price and order management, through post-trade and regulatory reports, to payments, securities settlements and asset servicing.

Long-term clients include banks, brokers, asset managers and custodians, as well as service providers and application vendors.

What our clients say

‘An impressive ability to handle complex message standards. We’re happy to have selected Trace Financial and Transformer’

‘Transformer is an integral tool within our infrastructure, helping to accelerate our speed to market’

‘We selected Trace because of their impressive knowledge of the intricacies of CREST messaging and their proven track record in providing resilient interfacing solutions’
Hargreaves Lansdown

'Mappings that used to take 5 days now take 5 hours’
Tier one global bank

SIBOS 2014 Boston - stand H80

Transformer is in action at stand H80 - find out how to make working with complex financial messages far easier

29 September 2014 to 2 October 2014

Trace Financial enhances Transformer for Excel and more

With Transformer 3.4, financial messages can easily be created from or turned into spreadsheets

9 September 2013

Trace Financial enhances Transformer for EMIR

Transformer FpML 5.5 library and related functionality released to assist with OTC Derivatives trade reporting under EMIR

20 June 2013

The Squeezed Middle: ISO 20022 and the banks

Major banks are being squeezed between the huge MT user base and newer demands for MX

Mastering the complexity in financial messaging

Financial message complexity has increased exponentially: new and better tools are required